False Evidence Appearing Real

by Glue on Smile

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released August 16, 2013



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Glue on Smile Fairbanks, Alaska

I am Glue on Smile.

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Track Name: FeaR (ft James Orez)
all the fear we feel is a product of their deceit impossible to understand truth from lies hollow eyes looking down onto us deciding how we think how we feel

all the fear we feel consumes every bit of us terrifying voices whisper from cold shadows vacant bodies tremble in line like machines we have no say in our futures

false evidence appearing real
Track Name: 01001110 01010011 01000001 (ft James Orez)
we can feel them watching over us no way to condemn everythings a mess we can feel them always calculating slowly infecting they do as they please

hard to say what they want hidden reasons seep through like a ghost they haunt gently they begin to seep through

looking right into us watching what we do listening to all of our secret conversations

all we seem to do now is parade around for their amusement we are nothing but puppets round and round we go pretending to be free white collar slaves to the grave

we can feel them hiding in the darkness no way to condemn stalking like a shark we can feel them always calculating slowly infecting they do as they please